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Terms & Conditions

All appliances must be under 8 years old and Green Heat UK will cover up to £500 per appliance covered per policy year. If any of the appliances that are covered are deemed be beyond repair, we will either provide a cash settlement or replace the appliance with a ‘’like for like’’ up to the value of £500. We aim to get out to you within 24 hours of your initial call and we will pay out to repair within 5 working days, subject to availability of parts. Green Heat UK will cover your boiler up to £500 per policy year and cover any call out fees on top. If you require a replacement boiler, Green Heat UK will supply and install a new ‘’like for like’’ boiler and will provide a £500 contribution towards this.


This service contract is arranged by Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, Company No. 13151869. Green Heat UK (Boiler) Limited, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd is a valued and customer centric nationwide provider of appliances, Boilers and home emergency repairs for domestic homeowners and landlords. Members of Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd are guaranteed first class services for emergency repairs, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, appliance repairs, appliance, home emergency repairs, boiler replacement and repairs Please ensure you review our Terms and Conditions stated below which will outline and form the basis of your agreement with us. It is important you review the extent of your service within this agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately and we will be able to assist you. It is at our discretion as the Service Providers that we provide the benefits stated in this Service Contract for the duration of the Term and any further terms agreed between you and us, the Service Providers. This service agreement will be considered void unless all amounts that are due have been paid in full as initially agreed with the Service Providers and further, confirmation has been received by you. This confirmation will be in the service agreement which will provide you with a detailed outline of the service plan you have purchased and the Terms and Conditions that you will need to abide in order to receive our benefits.


These words and phrases have the following definition within this Service Agreement: Appliance – refers to the electrical, electric and / or gas appliances approved by this agreement Assistance – means the requested work carried out by the engineer during a visit to your home to complete a repair outlined in this agreement. Betterment – is our acknowledgment for depreciation of an appliance (appliance service only) over a period of duration. In our discretion, betterment may be applied at 20% per annum. This will only apply unless you have made a minimum of 8 payments on this plan. Beyond repair (appliance only) – means that to such an extent, in our sole opinion, repair is not possible. If in our opinion the cost of the repair is 65% or more of the current retail price then we will consider this as beyond repair (repair includes parts and labour). In this circumstance, betterment will apply for products under the age of 8 and a maximum contribution of £500 will apply. Breakdown – refers to the event of your product resulting in an electrical or mechanical breakdown that has resulted in the unit not working. For appliances, there must be a complete breakdown for a valid repair. Call Out – means a request made by you or your personal representative for emergency assistance. Limit – refers to the greatest amount payable by us under each section stated in the below agreement that is subject to prior approval from us. Customer number – refers to your unique ID which can be found on your service agreement. Emergency – refers to a serious, unexpected or sometimes dangerous incident that requires immediate action. Without immediate action this situation could possibly, in our opinion: a) render the home unsafe. b) cause excess damage to your property. c) cause risk to you or others. Engineer – refers to approved Repairers who are qualified to conduct requested work on our behalf. Contribution – is the contribution that you are required to pay towards each repair. This amount will need to be paid before assistance is provided including an engineer attending your property. Exclusions – refers to any situations or items that will not be serviced by us in your service plan. Helpline – is our telephone number that is available for you to report an emergency under this service agreement. The number is 0800 009 6443. Initiation Date – refers to the start date of your service agreement with us. Intermittent– refers to a malfunction that occurs at intervals and is usually irregular. In intermittent circumstances, a contribution fee will be applicable. Period of Protection – refers to your duration period, which will reflect your payment schedule. This period is either annual or monthly. Personal Representative – refers to a person who can deal with your service agreement on your behalf. This person will need to be appointed by you by notifying us at Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd in writing. Rolling contract – your contract will be automatically renewed throughout your protection period until the required period of notice is given. Service Representative – refers to the representative appointed to you on behalf of Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd to deal with your repairs and enquiries. Service Agreement – refers to the document sent to you outlining the agreement between us as the service provider and you as the service user. This agreement will include the initiation date, your details and the details of any agreement. Third party – refers to any outside party other than contractors working on behalf of us, Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd. Unoccupied – refers to a period which exceeds 30 consecutive days where no one has been resident in the property. You or Your – refers to the person who applied for and is named on the service agreement. We/Us/Our – refers to Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd, the provider of your service agreement and to whom you should report any details of your service agreement to.

General Exclusions:

There are exclusions which could limit your agreement. Please read through these Terms and Conditions to ensure that our service agreement meets your requirements as the following circumstances are will not be considered in your repair/maintenance request:


  • Any request that falls outside your service agreement.
  • Properties that are not situated in the UK mainland.
  • Any request related to a situation or event known to you prior to the initiation date.
  • Any costs that exceed the maximum repair request limit.
  • Any request that is a considered a result of inefficient installation or failure to service your protected system properly
  • Any situation that requires a specialist due to health and safety measurements.
  • Any request, that in our sole opinion, is deemed accidental or negligible damage.
  • Any request which is deemed a result of a lack of every day maintenance.
  • Any parts that are not selected by us yet fitted by our engineers
  • Any faults in the design of your protected system.
  • Any repair that in our opinion would deem impossible to repair due to accessibilities issues
  • Any loss due to property maintenance, including alterations to the property, erosion or use of insufficient materials.
  • Loss or damage that is caused as a result of an interruption of main services, including gas, electric and water.
  • Any attempted repair that do not comply with British Standards and has not been authorised by us.
  • Any damage that has been caused by misuse or forceful action.
  • Any damage caused by the engineer as a result of attempting to access to the home due to failure of locks or removing the appliance from any restrictions.
  • Any request that is a result of a change in legislation and/or health and safety regulations.
  • Any loss in a property that is deemed unoccupied.

General Conditions:

  • Deposits – No upfront deposits taken
  • The rights of this service agreement cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  • You must notify us in the instance that you have replaced your appliance so that we can change your service agreement over to an alternative appliance. Failure to do so will result in an invalid request.
  • You are responsible for the general upkeep of your home and appliances. If, in our sole opinion, we feel that the damage of your appliance is due to wilful force or negligence then it may result in an invalid request.
  • You are responsible for gaining permission from the property owner for repairs to be conducted if you are not yourself the property owner. Without this authorisation, you will be liable for any damage or losses sustained within the repair.
  • Your appliances must meet health and safety requirements.
  • If false information has been provided in order to gain service under this agreement, then we will cancel your agreement with us immediately.
  • Calls that are placed to our helpline may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.
  • You are responsible with providing up with as much information as possible prior to the repair including manufacturer, any visible damage, the length in time of the problem, any prior attempts of repair and any repair history.
  • You must ensure that the property and damaged appliances are accessible include the removing of furniture and other appliances if necessary and providing the right equipment to access the damage. For instance, if it is in the loft a permanent ladder will need to be provided Repair Requests in Your Service Agreement It is at our discretion as the Service Providers that we provide the protection stated in this Service Contract for the duration of the Term and any further terms agreed between you and us, the Service Providers. The benefit under your service agreement is limited to the request limited stated in each section. The request limit is considered inclusive of call out charges, labour, travel and materials. We are not liable for any additional costs of repair where the request exceeds the specified maintenance/repair limit (stated in each section). You are only serviced for the section(s) that are applicable to you. Appliances Maintenance/Repair limit – Unlimited. In the event of a repair request, at our discretion, we will:
    • Repair the domestic appliances /Boiler of your choice, which we will then outline in your confirmation letter. These domestic appliances/Boiler will be protected by this service contract and at our discretion, we will contribute to the cost of repairs for electrical or mechanical breakdown. ¬-Domestic appliances include, but are not limited to Washing Machine, Dryer, Fridge and Freezer.
    • Provide assistance if your domestic appliance stops working.
    • Pay towards the sum, or all of the sum of replacing parts or your domestic appliance, subject to the terms in this service contract.
    • Obtain required spare parts on your behalf, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • Arrange the visit of an approved engineer to your property if this is required.
    • Arrange for assistance and pay for the cost of this, exclusive of any contribution outlined in these terms.
    • Request a £40 admin fee if we believe there to be a pre-existing fault to the appliance. If following inspection, this is not the case, this will be refunded back to you.

Arranging Appointments with our Engineers

  • We will confirm with you the timing of your repair through one of the following methods; email, phone or post. You will receive a scheduled date and a time slot.
Our Engineers will attend your property between the hours of 9 -5 Monday to Friday. In the rare instance that we are unable to attend the scheduled date and time, due to unforeseen circumstances such as dangerous weather, we will endeavour to inform you and rearrange your repair as quickly as practically possible. To avoid a cancellation fee, if you need to reschedule one of our Engineers then please provide us with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by calling the helpline on 0800 0096 443. If our Engineer attends your property however is unable to enter to conduct the repairs, then this will result in a £40 non-refundable fee. Please ensure parking is accessible for our engineers on the scheduled date.

Repair/Maintenance Request Requirements:

  • Before making a request, please make sure it is included in your service agreement. Please note, this does not include general maintenance.
  • Emergencies that could also result in serious damage to the public or you should be reported to the public services as well as ourselves. We will not be liable for any damage outside of the property boundaries.
  • Please do not seek any assistance for damage without our prior consent, as this could result in an invalid request. Our helpline is the only consent we deem acceptable.
  • If you have chosen the monthly direct debit plan, a request will only be considered if payments to date have been cleared and made in full amounts.
  • Please notify us by calling our helpline within the first 24 hours of noticing the emergency, failure to do could result in an invalid request.
  • Our helpline will ensure our Engineers are with you for emergency assistance, conditions permitting, as promptly as possible.

Repair Conditions

We will do everything we can to ensure your repair is completed as soon as practically possible, however there are some rare instances in which we will not be able to so such as:

  • When the appliance does not meet the required legal standards.
  • If the damage is a result of a design default.
  • When the item is subject to a product recall.
  • The repair could cause risk to the health and safety of you or others and requires a specialist, for instance in the removal of asbestos. During your repair, our experienced and trusted Engineers may find further repairs that need addressing in order to bring your appliances and/or home up to regulatory standards. If you wish for us to proceed with this additional work, please note that this will not be included in your service agreement and you will be liable in full for the additional costs of parts and labour. These costs will be set and discussed with you prior to this additional work taking place. If you do decide to take our recommendation and you wish for our engineers to conduct the additional work then we will consider this work a one-off payment. Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd will arrange and carry out all repairs and replacements whether this is appliances or boilers. We will contribute upto £500 to a replacement of any appliance or Boiler. If we replace your boiler or appliance, this has to be installed and purchased through Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd. You are entitled to get a second opinion however the repair or replacement must be carried out by Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd.


As part of our duty to you, we will take caution to ensure we avoid damaging your appliance and property during your repair. If Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd do damage your property, boiler or appliance then Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd will cover this.

Contribution Payments

There will be occasions where you are liable to pay a contribution fee which will need to be paid upfront in order for us to be able to progress your repair request. Failure to pay will result in an invalid request. Please note that contribution fees are non-refundable.
Replacement Parts & Components It is within our rights as the Service Provider to obtain replacement parts from third parties, manufacturers or approved distributors. As it is critical to receive the right replacement parts and components, we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused due to a delay in delivery. Once these parts are received, we will ensure to contact you immediately to arrange a time for an engineer to come out and conduct the necessary repairs.
In the rare instance that a part is not available on the market or the part will take over 28 days to be delivered, then unfortunately we will be unable to complete your repair. Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd will always aim to repair or pay out within 5 working days.

Cooling Off Period

Both You and the Service Provider have the right to change their mind about entering this plan at any time within the first 14 days. If you have cancelled your service agreement within this timeframe, we will provide you with a full refund. You cannot make a maintenance or repair request within the first 30 days of your service agreement with Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd.


We will use your information to discuss any matters regarding your service agreement or to promote additional Services, which includes the following contact methods; letter, email, phone and text. We may use your personal information to contact you regarding any offers, products or services we feel may be of interest you. No rights or benefits will be given to any other third party under your Service Agreement. In the event that we merge or our business is partly sold to another organization, your details with your consent will be passed on in this buy out. If payment is none made to us at the Service Providers, we may be forced to pass on your details to a third-party debt collection agency or fraud prevention. You are entitled to see any information we hold on system for you.


Your plan will be automatically renewed following the receipt of your period of protection and the payment will continue as initially set up in the method or either annual or monthly payments. If you have opted for an annual payment, this will be taken from the details provided. If there is a change to the renewal amount based on length of time in service or inflation, then we will notify you in writing of these changes. If we do not receive notification of cancellation, then the renewal fee will be taken in its new amount.

Our Rights

You will be notified if we need to change the terms and conditions of your Service Agreement and/or the cost of your Service Agreement. Changes may be made to:
  • Comply with new laws and legislations or codes of practice;
  • Rectify errors or clarify points in further depth;
  • Reflect changes to the nature of the protection provided to you;
  • Pay cost of the changes in systems or services that support your service agreement.
  • We retain the right to terminate this Service Agreement at any time within prior notice.
Your Agreement: You hereby authorise Green Heat UK (Boiler) LTD, the Service Providers to transfer date for the purposes laid out in this Service Agreement. This includes the data defined as ‘personal sensitive data’ under the Data Protection Act 1998. If you wish to withdraw your agreement, only writing to our registered address or emailing [email protected] will be deemed as an acceptable method to do so. We, Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd are responsible for administering your agreement. If you need to contact us regarding your agreement, please call the helpline or write to our registered address. Green Heat UK can amend these terms and conditions for legal reasons. We will provide you with 30 days’ notice written notice to the address of your plan to confirm these changes which will take place from the date specified in the letter. If you do not wish to continue your plan with us as a result of these changes you may cancel your plan by notifying us within that notice period. To contact our Helpline please call them on 0800 0096443, email [email protected]  or feel free to write to us at Green Heat UK Ltd . Green Heat UK Limited, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE Our telephone lines are open, at a minimum from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (omitting Bank Holidays).


Providing an excellent service is central to your Business ethos and therefore if you have any complaints regarding our Services, please ensure to contact our Helpline on 0800 009 6443 or feel free to write to us at Green Heat UK, . Green Heat UK Limited, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE and we will endeavour to rectify any outstanding issues.

Service Agreement

As a Service Provider, Green Heat UK Ltd operates as a non-insurance registered entity. We do this as it allows us to provide our services at a low cost as a result of our minimal operating expenditure. Although we offer an independent service, we are still aligned and operate an underwriting model of which is required by the Insurance Industry. We are not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Plan is outside of the FCA’s remit, as it is just that, a service plan.


This Service Agreement may only be enforced by you as the customer and us as the Service Provider. No third parties are enforceable.

Your Cancellation Rights

  • You have the right to change your mind about entering this plan with Green Heat UK at any time within the first 14 days. If you have cancelled your plan within this timeframe, we will provide you with a full refund. If you have paid in full and wish to cancel your plan after 14 days, you will not be entitled to a refund.

You may cancel any Agreement you have with us at any time as long as you let us know by calling our Helpline on 0800 009 6443 or by writing to us at Green Heat UK, Green Heat UK Limited, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE

  • Cancelling your Direct Debit without contacting us will not mean you have cancelled your plan with us so please ensure to get in touch with us to avoid any communications regarding outstanding payments.

Company Information

This service contract is arranged by Green Heat UK (Boiler) Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, Company No. 1. Registered Address: . Green Heat UK (Boiler) Limited, 3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street EC2A 4NE

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